Friday, March 26, 2010

Continuing "Coaching for Leadership"

This week I coached three persons using the Six Domains model at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business. A very interesting experience to analyze the various responses received through the 360 degree assessments and then work with them to help them understand the messages that their raters provided.

We first analyzed the Personal and Relational domains, two of the three foundational domains (the third one is Contextual). These three domains are the foundation upon which the three other domains build. Your Personal Leadership impacts the Credibility that as a leader you have. Your Relational Leadership impacts the Trust that others have on you. And your Contextual Leadership impacts the sense of Community that your followers have.

Later in the week we moved on to Inspirational Leadership (High Aspiration), Supportive Leadership (Initiative), and finally Responsible Leadership (Stewardship). All of these domains interact and, typically, the lower ones impact the effectiveness of the upper ones.

In addition, the participants received verbal comments that clarified the raters' input on their leadership skills. Using these inputs, the participants developed both a plan to improve their leadership skills as well as a plan to use their leadership to implement a change in their organization.

The added value were the classes as well as the networks they developed with fellow participants. If you have a chance to do a program like this one, consider doing it.

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