Friday, December 18, 2009

#1 Job - set the example

As leaders we have many jobs: motivate our followers; update our own leaders; understand the overall organization's mission; communicate it to our followers; etc., etc., etc. But one job is, and continues to be, at all times and specially in these difficult times, the number one job: set the example.

Our people watch us and follow our example. If we are excited about the vision, they are excited. If we are down on it, they are down on it. If we are positive, they are positive. If we are down on the job, they are down.

This was brought home to me recently with our new Boy Scout District Chair, a volunteer position. After we had told him of all the problems and issues he said: "Great. Thanks for sharing. Now we have to forget about that and figure out how to accomplish our goals. We set the example and we must be positive. Our goal is to win the district quality award and to do that we'll have to compensate for whatever issues there may be in other areas."

Wake up! Whining time is over. Time for us as leaders to take the challenge, turn it into an opportunity, and lead our team via our example! We can do it with Scouts and we can do it in our jobs and any other situations when we are the leader.

Happy holidays to all and the best for 2010!

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